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Investment Approach

    Capital E seeks out investment opportunities in three distinct areas: private equity fund investments, direct investments in privately owned companies, and real estate.


    We believe that superior returns are created by a small group of private equity and real estate managers, access to which is limited. Capital E’s core strategy is to identify top performing managers who are experts in specific industries and strategies, to access them through investment vehicles which provide enhanced risk/return dynamics, and to cultivate long-term relationships with these managers.


    Capital E invests with these managers either through newly created funds (primary investing), and/or through the purchase of commitments of existing Limited Partners in these funds who wish to exit them before their contractual termination (secondary investing).


    Similarly, we believe that superior returns in individual private equity deals are uncommon and tend to be generated by few companies. Capital E receives numerous direct investment opportunities and carefully selects the most attractive ones through a disciplined and thorough process.